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Tube Cutting Service - Saw Cut, Cut-to-Length - .125" OD to 3" OD Tube Sizes

Greaney Enterprises uses cold saws to make precision cuts in metal tubing. Our facility is equipped with top-quality metal cutting machinery and a knowledgeable staff whose collective experience spans numerous decades.

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Cut-to-length Metal Tubing

We use cold saws that utilize a precision circular blade that is both quick and accurate. All of our saws are suited for high volume production. We can take on large tube cutting jobs while ensuring consistency throughout the entire process. We can even handle smaller, low volume jobs.

Benefits of Cold Saw Cutting

  • Projects can be finished quickly and on-time due to fast and simple setup and operation

  • Our ability to cut to tight tolerances minimizes metal waste

  • Tubes can be cut to very long or very short lengths

  • Cuts are clean and consistent with minimal burr; any leftover burrs or residue can then be removed as part of our finishing services

Greaney can cut your metal tubes to any specific length or tolerance. We are able to provide you with cut-to-length tubes from a broad range of metals and grades including Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, and Brass. Our main discipline is Steel tube cutting, and we can cut material from the following list:

  • ASTM A513 Type 2

  • J524

  • J525

  • J526

  • J356

  • Galfan


  • DIN EN 10305-3

  • DIN EN 10305-4 1006, 1008, 1010

  • J524 CR6 Free

  • 1008

  • 1010

  • 1020

  • 1026 MT1010

  • And many more!

Call Greaney Enterprises today. Our experts will immediately assist you with your metal tube cutting projects. Metal Saw Cutting provided efficiently, accurately, and on-time!

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